CAs(SA) are elite accountants. As the name suggests, they ‘account for’ or explain financial deals. They are pretty good with numbers as they document, describe and explain where money has come from and gone to. CAs(SA) are elite accountants because they have been trained to handle even the complex finances of large corporations. – nowican.coza

What they do: 

Accountants determine the financial position of a company, and prepare accounting reports and statements. Senior management uses this information to make critical decisions regarding the financial direction of the firm. Accountants also reconcile statements which do not add up, by searching for, and correcting discrepancies. More importantly, they see to it that discrepancies do not occur to start with, by creating systems that companies can use to regulate their finances in an effective and efficient manner.

Old accountants never die, they just lose their balance.

School Subjects: 
Language of Learning and Teaching
  • A CA(SA) earns, on average, 30 to 40% more than other young professionals
  • The term ‘chartered’ is inherited from the old days when professionals in specific industries, such as accounting, set up associations and obtained permission (by ‘Royal Charter’ or with the King or Queen’s okay) to regulate themselves and maintain their own standards.
  • The ‘SA’ in brackets after the CA designation confirms that you qualified in South Africa — and is your passport to working anywhere as it’s recognised all around the world.
  • JSE top 40 companies with CA(SA) CEOs financially outperform those not headed by CAs(SA).
  • 29.7% of CEOs of the JSE top 40 are CAs(SA)